A downloadable game


Click... Click...

FUCK! I only have one bullet left...

What will I do... OH!!??

What is that? A magnet?

Ha HA! It will do the work... FUCK YEAH!!!

A game made in under 48 hours for GMTK Game jam.

Coding/ Artwork/ Game-design: Michael Psarommatis

Music/ Sound design: Oscar Aldred

Install instructions

I know that it is a pain in the ass, but the game can't be played online.

But if you download it the chances are that you will like it. We hope so actually.

Just download and play. No installation required.


UNLOADED v.1.0.exe 8 MB


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please update!


Hey! Do you have a specific problem or you just want more stuff ;-)

Unfortunately I am sitting exams to enter uni this year, so any changes will be made in the summer of 2020 (as well as the new game for GMTK jam and a lot of other projects that we want to make)

We are happy you played our game though. Follow us to get notifications when we update/upload something!

Cool game cowboys; interesting mechanic and funny humour. Some things that could be improved would be:

  • It's hard to aim the bullet with the magnet. So the best tactic is to run around with the bullet chasing behind you.
  • The UI blocks quite a large part of the world.
  • An indicator showing were the bullet is, when it is off screen.
  • A larger play area, it's currently quite small.

Thank you for playing the game and for the feedback.

Apart from your first observation, I agree and we will implement all the others, but as for the first one the difficulty is a part of the challenge: the bullet fires away from the player when you release the mouse.

That said, when people play the game, I notice that they don't use the "refire" system, so it may be TOO difficult or complex, so I should enhance it or change it, but I don't know what I could do.

Anyway, the changes won't be made soon, because this year I am studying to sit the exams to enter university. I will make them though. Again thanks for zplaying!!!

Still don't know how magnets work BUT at least I never have to use the reload button again. :)


Thank you for checking out our game!!! Yeah, actually the point is not to load the bullet, in order to maximize your bullet-power and be able to one-shot the enemies. Anyway, thanks for playing, it means a lot!!!